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    Powerful ● Reliable ● Easy-to-Use

    Keep a Close Eye on Fleet Assets

Track Your Mobile Assets to Maximize
Your Investments.


Asset Tracking

Technology solutions designed to be flexible and easy-to-use. Reliable tracking of valuable transportation assets to maximize your investment.

Fleet Monitoring

Integrated data analytics and management reports to improve decision-making. Secure online dashboard monitoring using intuitive map views.


Improve fleet utilization and productivity, minimize
detention fees and proactively maintain operations.


All-in-one Solution

A rugged tracking
and monitoring device, cellular connectivity
and web-based applications available from anywhere in the world.

Full Fleet Visibility

Sensor readings taken
every five minutes provide a continuous
view of asset activities.

Multi-year Battery

Worry-free operation for years, with minimal maintenance (no charging, no wiring, weatherproof and shockproof).

Secure Over-the-air Updates

Automatically and securely receive updates, improvements and new features.

Advanced Capabilities

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